Kiniro no Corda 1 – METANORN

Kiniro no Corda 1 – METANORN.

It’s hard as fuck to dissect otome games or ecchi games and animes so I do give ample credit who can see some slivers of brillainces in these genres (there are some flotsam about)

I think this anime could have had 20 episodes given that it has such a wide range of characters. Does it do well in 12? I will give my own review but I think it can do more. Kiniro no Corda franchise to me stands out as it has an actual appreciation for music classical music and how to play instruments. Unlike Uta no Prince-sama where there are vague and even at times pathetic ways in which a character’s non-existent music sheet is developed Kiniro no Corda actually has the protagonist work to get to some level of genius.

So yeah unlike Kahoko Hino who is so absent in this anime which is supposedly 8 years after her story Kanade is less personality typed but is expressive as The Pantless Anime Blogger expertly noted.

I will give my own review shortly.

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Shoujo Otome Hunter

Just, a little experiment I am trying; a comedy and also a dating game based on the Otomes of before

Our main character is 4 different things at the same time but it can gear shift depending on certain story factors.

Teruko Totsi is seemingly a regular girl of a mixed ancestry thus darker skin and black eyes. Her short wavy hair and skin tone make her stand out. But what makes her stand on more is her enduring “sickness” — she lives periods of her live in different stages and like a ovulation cycle it targets her not only based on moods but also seemingly random interactions.

a: Teruko becomes a 17 year old high school introvert at a prestigious gakuen and is known as the absentee in transmission. Her only seemingly friends usually talk about her poor health. As a 17 year old Teruko is a bit quieter than most but partakes in sports and drama. Her most favourite sports are swimming and basketball. She is affiliated with no clubs though but is asked sometimes to join as her skills are not totally bad.

b: Teruko becomes a 26 year old university student who studies Physics in a small Polytechnic. She is more social and boisterous than many and sometimes annoys her peers. This Teruko has a fear of wider water bodies as she see apparently cant swim. Plays only tennis at times but is not good at it.

c: Teruko becomes a 37 year employee at a corporation where she specializes in administering certain projects related to language acquisition and is a sort of a management trainer to some people. Professional and sometimes cold she does smile alot and is quite good at what she does.

d. Teruko x is a odd creature, age unknown, profession unknown, only that in this state Teruko attains a heterochromatic stage where her left eye becomes blue and glows at times.  This Teruko has a  lot of bruises and gashes and is known as the aloof hermit.


Partners/Romances (might extend later):

1. Rokuro – class president at Teruko’s gakuen. Is usually concerned about her but is hard on her because he thinks she is wasting her potentials. Thinks she has hikikimori and often wishes the school would intervene a bit more on her case. Is an excellent archer.

2. Manabu: school resident delinquent. Slender and muscular and usually seen with stitches or bandages by Teruko. However, is an excellent chess player. Likes sitting next to Teruko when she comes to school but doesnt talk to her much. Thinks Teruko is an escort or is a wild child. Doesn’t get along with Rokuro though her tension is mostly confined to stares and forced politeness.

3. Hisao. A junior classman who has a crush on Teruko when he saw a good form 3 point shot from her. Tries to get her attention. Is cute and nice but is actually quite tall and looks older than he is. Doesn’t get along with his parents and thinks Teruko is a model disobedient child to her  parents too. Likes buying Tereko strawberries when he sees her.

4. Eiji: A chem lab in Teruko’s university who likes to see old films and read Josei/Shoujo manga.

5. Professor Aramaki: Biology teacher who specializes in biogenetics and works full time in a well known pharmaceutical. Is very quiet and looks sad at times. Has asthma and is divorced. Likes Teruko’s social amicability but blushes a bit around her.

6. Fumio: the supposed failing Uni student and apparently is more into porn. Is also supposed to be majoring in physics but likes designing machines. Teruko doesn’t mind him as a partner and he first enjoys Teruko’s lack of school gossip as some people are too mean to him. But he thinks he understands Teruko’s absences and they both talk  alot.

7. Arata: A quiet biology student who sometimes works as Aramaki’s assistant. Is talented but wants to quit studying due to unknown reasons. Likes to sometimes daydream and go off by himself. Is seen at times scrapbooking bugs and flowers. Is picked on for his shy nature.

8. Setsuna: Teruko’s colleague at the company he works in. Is an accountant but also paints landscapes. Is easily scared and apparently not treated nicely by his male coworkers. Likes Teruko’s confidence and skills.

9 CEO Nemuro: Is  a computer genius and a known misanthrope. Talks in codes and dry statements. Hates too much noise and values thoroughness. Teruko get along, surprisingly very well and he likes her detailing convos.

10: Genji: a older man who Teruko X interacts with seems to know CEO Nemura though only socially.

11. Halcyon: an assassin that Teruko x supposedly knows. Is very enigmatic and enjoys sharing snacks with Teruko and watch TV with her. Loves talking to her too

12. XYX an unknown person who Teruko sees and knows and calls “Gnome” as a nickname. Sometimes Teruko ends up seeing him in her apartment and he casually leaves. Known for his good manners and smiles Teruko thinks he is like her.


I thought writing an Otome type script would be fun. Project pulse! Tell me guys what ya think 🙂