[ANIME] Hybrid Child OVA to be released Fall 2014 – AFA Channel!

I think, from what I gleaned from Wikipedia, this is different from Shungiku Nakamura;s usual flare. Hybrid Child is about a android type project who grows as love is invested onto him. The manga explores the couples but also the creator of the Hybrid Child as in which young boy/man made him conceive of the blueprint. It is science fiction with yaoi elements strewn in and the premise is interesting. I was currently watching Junjou Romantica and the main couple depresses me because like Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi it starts great the first 2 episodes then just go downhill. Not to mention, I shouldn’t have given Masamune a hard time because Akihiko is a bigger pervert and a pretty annoying piece of shit at least they show Masamune working his ass off. They don’t focus on Akihiko’s eccentricities after the first two episodes much and that sucks. I hope some fan in fanfiction makes a more reliable character.

Anyway the first episode is out and the others are gonna be out as follows: 26 Nov, 24 Dec + 28 Dec 2015. It’s just a 4 part OVA series but I guess that’s okay.


[ANIME] Hybrid Child OVA to be released Fall 2014 – AFA Channel!.