• aevum : age, life.



The word itself is descriptive. The addition of the s is my own desire to sound grand – not egotistically or vainly but in a way to show a form of beauty: yes, aesthetic presentation beat me to any other forms of titles.

Yes, anime is an age for me. In fact, it encompassed a great facet in my life (hence the title). I am not Japanese thus I did not know Japanese, however, Urusai Yatsura and Ranma use to capture me in my infancy. Funny, I did not know the name of the these anime titles until 2005 when Animax premiered them as classics. I only knew of a boy and a girl who kinda looked the same (I think I did not understand Ranma’s transformation at that point) and I remembered “Lamu” (Animax English dub also went with the chinese name of Lum).  I remember wanting to not go to the tutor (yeah, I had tutors from a young age as I never studied and was overly hyperactive, it didn’t help me much though ’cause I only gained an interest in studying now in the present) so I can see these shows. I remember understanding bits and pieces due to the exaggerated actions and visual body language. It was fun.

Well. anime still prominently holds a good place in my life. I really love watching anime. I think it was of the greatest visual mediums to come out that can holds so many genres and information together. I like exploring the aspects of some great animes which may be popular but not always mainstream i.e. Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Well, this is exactly what this blog is about.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Are you still around? I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and I really love your in-depth analysis on anime / manga characters. I hope to hear more on these matters.

    Between, where do you usually write at, currently? ^_^

    1. I am still around. I write in obsidianfactory.wordpress.com and etheraxis.tumblr.com if you are still interested 🙂

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