DRAMAtical Murder Review

I saw Dramatical Murder in 2014 when it was run. I actually don’t mind the anime I think it was a good enough adaptation you can get to a graphic BL video game. Well, the bad endings in these VNs are like really really BAD. For DM they actually had a side OVA called Data XX transitory which showed some of the graphic disturbing depth of the VN’s bad routes. I am happy that in the anime, however, that OVA shows how devastated Aoba is when Clear hurts him (the limbs and stuff reminds you of Kau from Togainu no Chi and also Akira in that route) and how horrified he is of Virus and Trip. I mean ironically Aoba’s personality is intact in Data XX transitory as he does not enjoy being manhandled by all these sadomasochistic motherfuckers. I love how Aoba can be resistant and strong. I feel if Aoba was written a bit differently he can play a lot of different roles and route. I wanna see “seme” Aoba or “vers” Aoba that would be so cool 😀

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This is review number three hundred and sixty six. This anime is part of the Summer 2014 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Dramatical Murder. It’s a twelve episode anime about a guy having sex with a lot of people. Well, not really but he did in the game. Anyways, let’s read on.

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