Itazura na Kiss

“Not really a bad romance anime targeted towards girl, even if the plot is pretty typical. The best part is that while most shows stops when they become a couple or when they start living “happily ever after”, the story keeps going as more of a slice of life show with pregnancy, marriage and what not. It spans over several years, in other words.”
I really hate this show. It’s just some weird garbage that I skimmed through. The guy character is so lifeless and so unoriginal I actually hate him more than Light Yagami from Death Note and that’s abig thing. The girl is an annoying piece of shit. But I respect the mangaka and hate that she died by hitting her head I think when she was moving in somewhere as her husband reported. I give Anny blog kudos for toleratingly watching it.

The Anny Blog

19933lAt the school Kotoko Aihara (CV: Nana Mizuki) attends, the classes are based on the exam scores of the individual, so the students in class A are those with best scores (the smartest) and the ones in F are the ones with the worst (the stupidest). Kotoko has since she entered high school been in love with Naoki Irie (CV: Daisuke Hirakawa) the top student of her year and one day she decides to confess her love and is miserably rejected. What’s worse is that her house is destroyed and she and her father, Shigeo (CV: Bin Shimada), moves in with a friend of the father… And that’s the Irie family’s home! Now Kotoko has to live with the person who rejected her love while still having feelings for him.

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