The X-Files, As Told By Me

Though I really do love Mulder and think he is beautiful. I do think that there is a ethnocentric and very White male thing on him. Scully is always undertone and made culpable by her skepticism which becomes so boring after two or three seasons that I give Gillian Anderson credit for sticking up with a stick character who has a lot more potential then she is given credit for. I love Scully because she is intelligent and very calm and well paced so it was like the writers wrote Mulder as themselves and gave a “Mary Sue” aura about him so that they can put Scully down. The bad part about X Files is that it is very bad at characterization you can put both characters on Top without maligning the other which X Files had failed to do. Though I love the series I cannot overlook its flaws which I think were based on synthetic arrogance and not the organic synergy the show promoted.

The Belle Jar

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