Hannibal EP Talks Bloody Finale: Who’s Dead, Which Brutal Scene Got Moved, Why [Spoiler] Boarded That Plane

I want to see Hannibal Season 4 soon. I really want someone intellectually, emotionally and even spiritually defeat Hannibal Lector. It would be fun to watch Hannibal be a hot mess XD


The spectacularly violent Season 2 finale of NBC’s Hannibal was something of an inevitability, says executive producer Bryan Fuller.

“I felt like it was a fated conclusion to the story that we have been telling: Inasmuch as we were trying to garner sympathy for the devil, you also have to respect the devil — or else you’re going to end up gutted on the floor,” says Fuller.

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And thus, Friday night’s installment ended with Alana Bloom being hurled out a second story window by a resurrected Abigail Hobbs; the titular Dr. Lecter driving a curved knife into Will’s abdomen, then slashing Abigail’s throat as if she were a sacrificial lamb; and Jack, whose neck wound had been foretold via flash-forward in the Season 2 premiere, bleeding so profusely that gore dripped into the basement below.

If those characters’ uncertain (but certainly…

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