Transformers: Age of Confusion I mean extinction

Bay puts splices of like many other stuff into his movie and boring stuff:


Yeah Lockdown has a ship that he pilots like Mongul does in DC comics that’s not so DC property so we can forget about that. Transformium looks like liquid metal from Terminator and there is a scene that reminds you of Independence Day. I mean seriously. Where are the original ideas?

Why are people so bothered with what made the dinosaurs instinct? And is Megatron so narrow minded that he will try to take over Earth again? I mean now that he has become Glavatron I suspected he would follow Optimus to space and try to find out stuff. Also how stupid are humans to just map DNA codes out of dead Decepticons I mean for a genius the character Joshua JOyce for doing that?  Also the character of Darcy is a poor one compared to the computer analyst/hacker Maggie in the first movie. Darcy is supposed to be a archaeologist or something but most of the movie she does nothing but run around and wear a nice looking white suit.

Su Yueming is Joyce’s business partner and she has some killer moves as a fighter. Her backstory sounded interesting that she had police training before her MBA. But we don’t expand on her like Joyce she is a nimbus. Joyce is like a nerd fetish because he has 3 black clad female assistants all with various hair lengths (really it sounds retro cartoon no) and all that.

When the action hits Hong Kong I was happy to see one scene where Su is attacked and a bystander in an elevator comes to help her though it is after he sees she got hit and can’t probably fight anymore. But either than that there was not much. I liked the crowded apartment complex reminds you of Kung Fu Hustle.

That was basically the trainwreck of the movie. I would only watch this again for CGIs or just past time or stare at Optimus and pretend he is not such a jerk.


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