Transformers: Age of Confusion I mean extinction

Lockdown as the main antagonist and the most detailed Transformers:

Yeah, he basically is the only Transformer that is so detailed. We first see him when he really mutilates and murders Rachet. His face transforms into like some gun and basically rips aparts things. Of all the transformers he is the first showed as a bounty hunter who is not affiliated with either Decepticon or Autobot troops. Rather he thinks of them as pests who can never see the bigger picture; he thinks they are too involved with themselves and instead have not grasped things that are more important to behold or taken into consideration.

Lockdown is baiscally the sliver of intelligence in Bay’s movie. Apparently Optimus is an invented Transformer and not really born [enter sci-fi canon of disruptive identity politics] and his so-called inventors are pretty irked about what is happening and want him back. Basically, I think we are going to be introduced to the Quintessons. The Quintessons are also a race of autonomous robotic organisms that probably fall under scientist/inventor class. I think that Cybertron was an experimentation of theirs; they used their own genes and spliced it into variable segments and “made” the Autobots and Decepticons. Hmmph, such arrogance is probably only a Prometheus type thing. It’s obviously they just surrogate wombed the thing. Well Lockdown say the Creators are not pleased with Optimus because he has gone againts their coding and become an individual (think Dr. Frankenstein and think Frankenstein and how Frankenstein is everything the stupid doctor thought he wasn’t: an individual). Also, they are not too pleased that species are intermixing (enter Ku Klux Klan philosophy) and that biodiversity is happening on such a symbiotic level. So, yeah, the Quintessons are a bunch of jerks. They prefer segregation, war and the politics of hegemony. I think my brother told me long back that Quintessons had made the Transformers as the slave class but obviously they rebelled so Cybertron may be just a colony like a slave colony.

So technically, all the Decepticons and Autobots are basically slaves or soldiers that have made their own culture (so Sentinel you calling yourself a god in Dark of the Moon basically amounted to crap as you were probably doing exactly what the Quintessons wanted you to do. Enforce warfare and enslave other worlds :/ how pitiful that you are just a friggin loser. Actually they wanted to show how he was a megalomaniac imp) by asserting they are not only mere slaves and that they deserve freedom to do what they want to do. It;s like how in science fiction movies you see humans make machines who are so self-conscious that they are souled/soul beings and want respect.

Lockdown also critiocises The paranoid CIA genocidal man, Harold Attinger, for thinking that only humans matter. For him each world is self-centered and does not know that there are so many worlds out there. Lockdown is your typical, bounty hunter villain. But his voice actor and his semi-sadistic nature amplifies a bit from a typical baddie to at least not to one dimensional character.

Basically he is a freelancer and takes jobs that are interesting. Also Lockdown is strong and resourceful; having a small army on his ship and also capturing all the Dinobots is a very impressive feat.


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