Transformers: Age of Confusion I mean extinction

Optimus Prime turns into Optimus Crime:-

Literally I should thank Michael bay for assassinating one of my favourite characters. Optimus is a grouch in this movie. In fact, apparently as all Autobots are being hunted and killed thanks for paranoid CIA operatives he was in an ambush that severely damaged him (when Cade Yeager decides to take him in he is in sleep mode and a bunch of busted parts) and now he distrusts humans and told his comrades to stay hidden and away from humans.  It’s been 5 years since the Chicago incident and now people prefer that all Transformers stay out of their lives.  They have had it with these big bots coming and wrecking their lives and homes. Not to mention try to enslave them. Well, those were the Decepticons and the Autobots helped but obviously no distinction is going to be made amongst who were the baddies were and who were the goodies. Like many races and people that are hunted in the world just because they may come from some religion. nationality, ideology or race the Transformers now face the dilemma of being different. Their nobility and their past deeds mean squat what means more is paranoia and fear which translates to genocidal xenophobia.

From the trailers I was pretty interested in this aspect of the film I really was. I wanted to see a narrative where a Cold war/Civil war is happening due to prejudices and mass panic. Optimus gets unfortunately wearied down; the poor guy looks tired and very frustrated. In the beginning I really wanted the movie to focus on that. The emotions, the trauma of an attempt on his life in a non-battlefield by people you were supposed to trust and the heaviness of losing old comrades humans and bots alike (While he is recuperating Ratchet is torn apart by Lockdown then horrible bodily mutation occurs by humans attempting to study his corpse). However, Optimus gives out metallic tantrums then steadies down like a good boy as Cade gives him food I mean repairs him. His Autobot matrix and soul(seed) are somewhat talked about by him anbd Cade and that is all they have to do to chum up, really?

Then Yeager family get into trouble with CIA who threaten to kill violently. Optimus decides to save them at the last moment,. Really Optimus? Cade did your repairs and gave you shelter and you reapy him by making him think some nutjob is gonna blow up his daughter’s head and saving them at precisely a hairline left of time? — Depressed: check. Angry: double check. Neurologically damaged: X

Optimus only in this movie cares about Cade and other humans are like pickle in the soup to throw out. And I am really disappointed. Optimus easily make death threats and all that. What the hell? Optimus is a seasoned warrior his whole planet was decimated by war and I feel he knows betrayal so what is so new about this? People are ungrateful. That happens. I understand it hurts but a good headed individual would try to think beyond the betrayal. I mean what about the good humans like Sam Witwicky and all those you fought with? I mean have you forgotten everything? And yeah Sam is so forgotten that no one even mentions him. Surprisingly, Bumblebee acts like though he never had a human friend he wanted to help and love and go places with.  His character is so devolved in this installment that Optimus even refers to him as a “child” — I think he grew up enough Prime. Yet to accentuate that they actually make him be a prick to Shaun and do a lot of other crap that is so not like him. Really, what is going on here?

Crime is captured by Lockdown and then the movie goes to CGI sexy mode and decides to waste minutes on just blueprinting Lockdown’s ship for no reason either than Prime hanging upside down and Tessa Yeager going around up and down (even a bot thinks she’s hot and tries to uh feel her up) and then some elaborate ununified escape plan that has all humans for themselves and bots for themselves really bad move :/

Crime is then really absent like they had to showcase new robots in action, Hong Kong, transformium and blah that they just made Prime (who I am also calling Crime) get away in thelower abdomen (separate part) of Lockdown’s ship where the Legendary Knights (aka Dinobots in humanoid form) where also kept prisoner as they, including Prime, were supposed to  be trophies.

I don’t know any of the new robots’ names. They are as unforgettable as washed laundry in the rain. Then Optiomus threatens and beats up the Dinobots to help him save his family like do this or I execute you right now. I am going like WTF WTF WTF

Optimus WTF is wrong with you I am just so WTF

Then he rides Grimliock or whatever the hell t-rex and that is the only battle scene that made sense and I am like what is happening? What is all this? I am so ashamed that is Optimus Prime seriously this is hopefully the WORST DEPICTION of him ever.

Then he says goodbye fore Cade and just leaves saying a decent line that look at the stars and think one of them is my soul.

So, apparently all Optimus did in this movie is just be a lazy ass tyrant.

I mean I was so disappointed in him I rather root for Lockdown. At least that Transformer had some metal in him and some seeds to spare (yeah, like persona) Optimus is such a loser in this movie like some teenage reject took his place :/

 Poor depictions of PTSD if that was what Prime was supposed to be depicted as. Instead he became a schizoid bastard who perfectly resembles Katy Perry’s “Too hot, too cold” song (yeah, it is that bad).

 I am so disappointed that his character was rebooted so that we can kick him in his butt with our boots.


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