Blood c Episode 12 The Finale Part I

blood the last vampire

Wow, this was one amazing episode and truthfully one of the best finales to an anime series I have ever seen. And it definitely beats the ending of Blood + to certain extents (though that epilogue was nice as well). Wherein Blood + had a lot of more sappy emotive factors (which many fans, including myself, enjoyed to many degrees) this series’s climax took a very intense alternative of focusing more on action, horror and grotesque galore which I loved! The battles, deaths and character interactions in this episode were profound — they made you scared, happy even (I’ll explain how) and fused with so much adrenalin that such an icing on a cake makes you forget that the cake had some inadequacies (at least for a moment) and well I Thank Allah Almighty that I was lucky enough to watch it — the streaming was bad and it took me up to around 3:30 or 4 in the morning to finish watching ^_^ but I had stayed up to watch the finale. This is going to be a LONG post (Ultimately, I decided to separate the two parts) and as usual this review will be filled with loads of spoilers so yeah tread with caution!

As all of you who are watching the series know that Fumito turned out to be the main antagonist — many of us had our suspicions on him because of his overly nice and protective attitude towards Saya. Good to know that was all a farce — well, parts of it and even in the finale I couldn’t shake the feeling that he has a deep rooted attraction to Saya and yes it is somewhat perverse and filled with those teasing, annoying, maniacal overtones. It is revealed that the system he works for wants him to assess Saya’s abilities to use in the shrovetide.While going through beyond top classified files he had found out about this event. Now, of course to gain such a measure he had to drug and hypnotize Saya as she would never willingly comply. Not to mention drain her blood in high amounts through twisted, labyrinthine glass tubes which then collect themselves in those wind-chime like vessels and hook themselves to the ceiling. Saya does not take the news of changing her well, obviously, and thinks that Fumito’s desire to manipulate shrovetide is impossible (which I think kinda is). Fumito explains that humans had made the covenant with the furukimono which was the shrovetide where demons were allowed to eat some humans to appease their hunger and later on not bother them anymore. This contract to him seems blatantly silly as those on the higher echelon of society do not understand what they have gotten themselves into. Well, he expresses that he has a fear of those beings which he has labelled “furukimono”. Fumito, as he is explaining this tries to caress Saya, stating that she was beautiful even when she was fighting his private soldiers (see what I mean) and Saya, though handcuffed, vehemently pushes his hand aside.  Fumito chuckles (obviously he has a perverse fascination on her not to mention some form of attraction) and states his true intentions — he wants to change Saya in order to manipulate the shrovetide. So, we all see the change in Saya and that is actually Fumito’s doing with the hypnosis and the drugging but Saya does not really want to change; Fumito chuckles when he senses Saya’s determination to escape (with eyes red). Then he gathers the philosophy in how people change but some things are unchangeable, fundamental? Or, are they?

The choice of the town and demons being unleashed served the purpose of this experiment. Guess what? Those demons were being used merely as food for Saya and a test factor and if the irony was not hard enough they were being manipulated by using Saya;s blood. Now before this flashback ends we see Saya ambitiously telling that she will never change.

Well, Fumito, being as sadistic as he truly is decides that if he wins he will be rewarded as in if Saya changes and that if Saya wins, retaining herself, she will be rewarded. And the loser will get a penalty — pretty messy game if you ask me.

Well, now that Saya has remembered things the twins try to rub off on the “good side” of Fumito saying that kids do make mistakes. And Fumito agrees that that is one angle in looking at things. Tokizane however is adamant in getting paid (even after Yuka points out his contract violations) to which Fumito subtlety yet sarcastically comments that this too must be a way kids make mistakes. Our dear teacher is adamant too in getting  herself published.

Well, what does Fumito think of all this? Well, he doesn’t care a bit. The twins think its time to go home and Fumito mutters the magic words: if the actors don’t want to act they should be taken off stage.

People, if you are squeamish and cannot handle high levels of violence then you might wanna fast forward this part, because these few scenes are one of the most graphic and grizzly moments I have ever seen in an anime and even on a motion picture (I see horror but this was kinda unexpected). Let’s say it gets really messy from here as in storm of macabre messy.

The furukimono which looks a lot like Cerberus from CLAMP’s other works only in a more demonic package attacks the least expecting person first — Tokizane.

Kanake, the teacher runs out of the way as this big furukimono pins Tokizane with its claw. Tokizana starts panicking but it is too late — his head is ripped down as the beast eats whatever is left of him. Now Nono and Nene are in utter fear: they have the talismans right? Wrong. It appears after their first deaths the talismans given to them by Fumito are fakes. They decide to hightail out of there.

Now, this part really got to me — the twins though evil looked to be in sync and a pair. It seems that is not the case. When faced with such a imminent doom the twins decide to act individualistically aka every girl for herself; at least one of the twins does. She pushes her other twin down. That twin is picked up by the extendible arms that this furukimono keeps as antennae on top of its mane or hidden pincers and while she is screaming it pounds her horrifically on the stone path making it splatter a huge area of red before eating her. The twin who had betrayed her sibling gets it worse — believe me guys when I told my Dad how she died he was pretty disgusted too (he reminded me he just ate lunch). This was one of the most horrible deaths in the series not to mention any anime I ever watched — she is picked up by one of those extendible arms and as she screams and starts kicking that hand the other appears and grabs her kicking leg. In a flash the monster pulls both her legs forcing her to do a split making her cry in agony. While thrashing around her arms in the air and saying not to kill her the demon starts pulling both her legs. The girl keeps screaming and screaming as she pulled apart, halved! And that part was censored as the demon eats each piece consecutively (See, it is very disturbing).

Now, Saya was not just sitting around having a good old time seeing these people die (though they kinda deserve it) and even if they were using her she seems to be still concerned for them. Yet, she is disoriented. Her attempts to get up do not succeed. As Kanake looks in horror that the remains of a twin are being eaten Fumito says that he always knew she would betray him thus her talisman was a false one from the start. Then he kindly thanks her for her performance as the furukimono gets ready to devour her. Well, she runs and that doesn’t help with those extendible hands in play. Before she becomes food Saya finally kicks butt by rushing forward. In a cool battle scene Saya finally brings the demise of this creature by getting into its mouth and piercing its heart from the inside.

Even after saving her, Kanake decides to run away from Saya and in her fear induced state runs into Tadayoshi. While she screams at him asking for his help Tadayoshi mysteriously embraces her. She starts to calm down, but then gives a confused sigh while trying to look to her side, only to start screaming hysterically again: why you ask? Because Tadayoshi is going vampire on her neck and buries his teeth that soon she is  partially decapitated.

Saya looks at a extremely “opiated” Tadayoshi and Fumito, in his sweet voice, just informs that maybe he has given too much of her blood to him. Saya with a deadly glance looks at him with annoyance and anger, and questions as if he already knew this would happen so had executed it; to which Fumito smiles and looks nonchalant as he realizes she has finally gone back to her real self. It seems Tadayoshi is the product of a mating between furukimono and human and the closest being to Saya. Fumito explains that like all other furukimono he has been using Saya’s blood to control him though their bond suggests a blood connection formed by a sort of an internal understanding between their shared characteristics as Saya had responded to the blood of her inside of him helping the father-daughter farce happen more smoothly.  And if Fumito hasn’t stopped being such a jerk (which he hasn’t) he seems to have been anticipating that Saya will fight Tadayoshi…

And it begins — and Star Crossed anime blog was right this was one of the most beautifully choreographed action sequences in the entire series. And not to mention its intense as hell with Saya trying to stop Tadayoshi from killing her. Saya is angry that if the demons can be controlled then why were the people in the town killed? To this Yuka nonchalantly answers that it was more efficient to just keep the main cast alive as the extras are expendables. Well, I did see Yuka have a spine — a very cold one. In fact I thought she somewhat cared for Saya, maybe not: she seems as ruthless and indifferent as Fumito and if you notice during all this talk of murders and all Tomofusa has not made any comments. It seemed to me that he is not really into this. Obviously, he couldn’t do anything to save the twins or Tokizane or Kanake but he didn’t exactly root for their demise either (well, he did give a fleeting glance to the twins as they were running away; I think he knew they were going to get it regardless, as they are quite malicious people themselves and I think his feelings for Saya merited that response too concerning that they somewhat hurt Saya).

At this point Saya is doing well with Tadayoshi — too well for Fumito who then orders Tadayoshi to change into his other form nor else he cannot beat Saya (Saya just gave him a deep slice diagonally through his abdomen; quite a bruise using human standards). Tadayoshi then turns into his furukimono form which is that of lion-like cat having purple, white and red fur meshed throughout his body and red eyes. The outline of this kind of body slightly reflects that of a chiropteran from the previous instalments.  Saya and Tadayoshi continue their battle with Tadayoshi now becoming stronger and hurting Saya a lot but she is countering pretty good (I guess it is harder to fight a furukimono, as in going one on one, if they are almost the same size as you; speaking that most others were a lot larger than Saya and Tadayoshi is shorter than them and has more of a more human height).

This battle is way chaotic with Saya flipping and slashing even being thrown and embedded into a wall head-first and stuck before prying out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, in one of the scenes where Saya is turning in a bit of slow motion her face had a similarity to Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin when he fights.  But Saya is getting tired with this drug charged Tadayoshi and screams at him to wake up and realize he is being used as a puppet. In response Tadayoshi just yells and beats Saya up more including smashing her in the ceiling and pinning her to the ground. But Saya hasn’t given up yet — she keeps on telling Tadayoshi to remember. And he does muttering “Saya”. But Fumito calls out his name with irritation reverting him to kill mode. By this time, however, Saya sees that flashing sword in the darkness of her mind again and is able to grab it! This means she has caught a huge chunk of her old strength. With lightning like speed she dissects Tadayoshi’s arm. When he turns out around to strike again his sword arm gets it. Blood spurts out as Tadayoshi runs towards Saya but eventually falls down. Without a care Fumito just turns around to walk away as Tadayoshi morphs back to human form.

Tadayoshi asks Saya if she has seen the enigmatic light and now understands where it leads (we don’t know yet). Saya nods. Tadayoshi then admits that the intimacy he felt for Saya was not false — she was the first person he had met who was like him (Saya by now picks up the limbless man) and he felt a deep connection with her and was happy to spend time with her.  Saya’s determined expression has changed into a softer, melancholic one. Soon Tadayoshi dies in her arms not before for the last time Saya calls him: ” father” Saya grieves over his death by starting crying loudly.

But then she realizes who is responsible…

She goes after Fumito declaring he cannot leave now. Fumito just calmly states that he knows she wants to kill him but he cannot really engage in combat with her right now. Well, you guys guessed it — Fumito had not intented to help Saya kill humans again. The guy intended to break his promise. He takes out a weird amulet type device which is decorated quite ostentatiously — a few symbol appears and he lets that fall to the ground. Breaking it. Shattering the mirror like surface where the symbols.

Saya gasps and turns around as out of the well of the shrine (it looks like a well) comes out a large, pink demon. Now looks are definitely deceiving — this bunny demon has a weird red mark on its body, has mandible like things to its face and its teeth and claws are sharp so, yeah, it is a more mutated version of the bunny from Donnie Darko. Now, this demon is big and tries to guard the entrance to the shrine as Fumito, Yuka and Itsuki make a run for it down the steps. Saya leaps and slashes it in half. We’ll later find out that was a bad move and I think Fumito anticipated this: what a smart jerk antagonist :\

Saya screams after them saying that he can’t leave. Only to get shot by an automatic. It seems Fumito has called his armed men again. So, Saya falls down the stairs. Nobody cares. Well, especially Fumito (which is the glaring contrast to his false self). Actually, I think he does care but knowing Saya he knows he has to get out of there before she mutilates him. At this point, you do see something. Itsuki has stopped when he sees Saya being fired by the automatic.

Before the soldier can fire at the fallen protagonist once more he is pushed aside by Itsuki who then approaches Saya with concern. Then he gets shot by the automatic . And falls down the stairs 😦 well the demonic soldier shoots him more times as he had fallen down to the ground away from the steps. Well, the uncaring soldier gets in one of the jeeps with the indifferent Fumito and Yuka and drives away (the one Fumito and Yuka are riding in are white, the others seem to be black in colour if I recall correctly).

Now if getting shot wasn’t a big problem the bunny demon starts to bud from his split have and by some fungal asexual reproduction multiplies itself. The now two bunnies giggle and brush their hands together. They jump on the shrine entrance gate and soon divide some more. And now they are lose on the town!


Saya asks a dying Itsuki and even he doesn’t understand. He was told to pretend to like Saya. But through his pretence he actually started liking Saya — if you ask me that is a very strong confession because he knows who and what Saya is (kinda reminds me of Kai from Blood+)

Saya explains that wasn’t her; the one he fell in love with.

Itsuki agrees. But then disagrees. Saying that he is sure that a part of Saya is like that. Implying that he fell in love with the genuine Saya. And to most of us, the viewers, I think he is right.

With that the poor young man closes his eyes and Saya is affected by his death as well.

Well, while Saya was talking to her potential dying love the cutesy, pink bunnies with the mandibles have divided; a lot. And they seem to have become of different shapes and personalities! They start raiding the human homes and kidnapping everyone! The people start running as chaos breaks lose!

Everyone is in  panic as these bunnies with their odd, malicious smiles start collecting all the people — one even starts collecting people in a sack — these extras are screaming that they do not know what is happening and who is controlling them before being shut up in the sack. Guess what? Fumito is looking outside his car window without a care and one guy even knocks on his window telling to be let in only to be killed.

The rabbits have started dining — they are eating humans by piercing their claws into their face and putting them on their fingers like shish kebabs, turning their or uncorking their heads like soda bottles (as Abandoned factory anime review site clearly explains) and we get to see what happened to all those humans in the bag; a furukimono rabbit starts spinning his hand as a blender and yeah blends them.

Where is Saya? She is running as fast as she can to the town. Fumito has strategically designed the shrine a bit farther away. Obviously, this had kept Saya and Tadayoshi’s true natures away from the town and even Fumito’s mysterious office was somewhere farther along too methinks.

Fumito’s men are shooting people too. So, having a horde of meat-eating bunnies is not enough? The people who are trying to escape are shot too with the automatics.These antagonists are exceedingly cruel. While people are screaming this was not in the contract they are shot by soldiers on top of the jeep which has become a sort of a spinning firing head you normally attach to tanks. Well, thats not the only thing. The jeeps are driving over people too as they go through the streets to escape.

Fumito sitting in the car finally talks to Yuka next to him. She is the only person alive from the main cast to which she curtly responds how she wants to be a politician O_O (ok, now that is scary — she is seeing people brutally die and has no feeling of guilt? The Abandoned Factory anime site was right and this is my response concerning her review. The twisted works of politics is revealed here as Yuka quietly looks about and has no feelings whatsoever to what is going on around her). Fumito remembers that Yuka wanted to be the governor of Tokyo. And he is right and Yuka disdainfully comments this is why she is still acting as a high school student at her age (implying she probably is much older than the other main cast characters too; Star crossed anime blog had commented that this addition extracts the stereotypical older looking high school girls we usually see in anime, as in it satirizes those designs). So, yeah that is why she was in this gig. And Fumito’s white jeep is covered with the bloods of the people; sure, they may not have been entirely innocent but they did die pretty badly and I think the extras were not so much incriminating as the main cast. While they talked their windows get painted red so many times — still, no reaction to that or to the screams outside. These two people are quite inhuman thus I do agree with Star Crossed anime blog; they are more demonic then the demons themselves.

As the people are being torn, ripped in half, piled up to be eaten by a furukimono, stabbed by a rabbit that had blades for hands, being pounded on — we see Fumito had been escaping through this trail and as the automatics killed more people the demons feasted.

Well, Saya has arrived and she first takes out three furukimono who glare at her (the one in the middle was squishing humans together like a rice ball) and soon starts doing what she does best: slash left, right, back and centre taking out the demonic bunnies but then her eyes turn red as she uses her abilities to spot the main rabbit from which all these little murderers split out from. And he turns around nonchalantly from the front of the carnage, while he was munching on a human. Saya decapitates him but then cuts his head into a million little pieces causing the other monstrosities to scream and fall down dead.

Now that that’s been taken care of Saya runs to grab mr. perfect — only a few moments ago he had gone off to Saya’s school and took a helicopter from the roof.  Saya screams in frustration and shock at Fumito’s treachery, meticulousness and smooth escape tactics — well, not that smooth. Saya runs across the track field and jumps onto a roof and then leaps into the perimeter chain-wall which gives the proper altitude to get at Fumito’s chopper. Her sword starts glowing and Fumito is standing near the edge of the chopper calmly…in his hand is a gun…

…which he uses to blow off a portion of Saya’s head including her left eye.

Saya falls into the river. Incapacitated and drifting. Fumito just sweetly tells her that her beloved Guimauve was made with blood and that he has heard that it tastes like human organs (Yuka is behind him all this time) and  that one day maybe she’ll confirm that for him.

Saya remains floating as the night passes away and the waves make her wash up on the shore. With morning, we see the aftermath of the carnage as the town is asleep, not to be awaken. It is bathed in blood and meshed with the severity of decay thought it was not ancient, it was a play, and like any play the stage was taken apart to ensure that reality may once again follow through.

And, what is reality?

Saya has washed upon the sandy bank. Her abdomen torn. Visible lacerations on her flesh with a fatal-like wound on her left side of her head. She begins to think of Tadayoshi, Kanako, Itsuki, Yuka, the twins and Tokizane. Her good eye gives out tears. All those precious people, all those precious memories — gone like their ever existance was a dream.

Soon it starts raining and Saya is on her side. The sun comes up glaring and she shields her face with her hand. Certainly, her face is too wounded for direct sunlight. Night plays again. This time too quiet as if yesterday had not happened. As if it were a figment. But Saya is sitting up. Probably, now more composed, with more strength than before. We see her tearing a portion of her skirt, the lacy endings as we hear the dog-like animal say that Saya’s wish was to remain the same. Not to change.

But, what about the other wish?

Saya’s eye is bandaged, the ending theme plays, as we see blood trickling down. Soon, more blood does and her remaining eye becomes as red as her own blood.

Saya begins to run.

As the moonlight paves her path we see her silhouettes through the trees. She comes to the road and jumps over a fence. She keeps on running with determination. Fumito is a day ahead of her and she needs to catch up.

Soon she comes closer to the roads that are the turning point…and in the distance a city glistens and glitters in the night…welcoming the hunter as she has gone back to reality…



One thought on “Blood c Episode 12 The Finale Part I

  1. You make some good observations, but I want to keep harping on this point of politicians. In an ideal world, perhaps the one we wish we live in, a person would look out upon the suffering all around, and say, “this is why I got into politics in the first place”. Here we have Saya CAUSING all of the suffering (she certainly was a willing participant, though not the singular cause) so that she could become a politician. This is a complete inversion from the way things “should” be (at least the world most people would prefer to live in).

    Of course this indictment isn’t unique to Blood-C, but it is thorough. The ONLY person who was acting based upon a concern for others was Saya (with the exception of momentary gestures by Itsuki). So we have this situation where compassion is mostly the actions of a monster, and humans are pathetically motivated by self-interest.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, but I am satisfied, in a way, with the series by itself. I think it was a perfect (though dark) deconstruction of our ideal of community. In the beginning, everything is happiness, and singing, and the big threat to the community is from outsiders, “monsters”. In the end, the true threat is that all of society is based on a lie and selfishness. Saya’s good intentions are the subject of a cruel joke. I’ll admit it isn’t the most uplifting show I ever watched, but it is a very good one nonetheless.

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