Blood c: stop wasting our time :\ and get a move on ^_^

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009 film)
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When I heard from the Star Crossed Anime Blog that Blood: The Last Vampire will get a another adaptation and CLAMP is doing it you can understand that I was uber excited and Thank Allah Almighty I pretty much watched all seven aired episodes but my complaints are not on the animation or on the new characters that are featured in this  instalment of Blood my complaints are strictly focused on the anime so far as in its storyline seems to be non-existant or so slow to move that makes you think what happened in the years that served as transition from Blood + to Blood c.

Now Blood + had its flaws but Blood c is slower than a snail really. The first episode pretty much balances out some aspects of Blood (reminiscent of Blood +) but then it starts going downhill from there in concern to story plot and character development. Our young heroine’s Saya’s last name has changed and this series seems more of a tie-up to Blood: The Last Vampire animation movie than to Blood + (which might be a great disappointment to most fans who had wanted a Blood + sequel). The animation is very beautiful and the opening theme had some visual effects of “Colours of the heart” one of the popular opening songs from Blood +.

Our protagonist Saya now sports longer locks and is a shrine maiden and her character, as Wikipedia rightly states, is very polite (in my opinion a bit of pathological politeness) until, as artist-related commented, she becomes the samurai-styled warrior who is our vampyric character.  The other characters, the males especially, look reminiscent of other popular CLAMP characters such as Itsuki Tomofusa looks like Light Yagami from Death Note and actually looks like Julian/Yukito from CLAMP’s Card Captor Sakura masterpiece and Shinichiro Tokizane looks a lot like Sakura’s brother from the same series. Not to forget that the twins Nene and Nono Motoe look like the two girls who live with Yuko Ichihara in CLAMP’s popular xxxHolic anime (in one of the episodes Saya wants to share bento with a classmate and one of the items in the tiffin box is Mokona from xxxHolic).

Aside popular references the characterizations of these characters are VERY WEAK. Tomofusa at the moment does nothing but serve as a “love interest” for Saya and in fact almost all the males aside Saya’s father, the baker and the policeman serve as “love interests” to Saya. Tokizane looks strangely at Saya from afar and Tomofusa keeps on giving hints to his attraction to Saya but Saya does not get it (In fact Saya tells a person that she lacks “common sense” and understanding sensuous/romantic attractions is not her strong suit I realized) even Cafe Guimouve’s owner called Fumito Nanahara seems to have a big attraction towards her. Our protagonist considers Nanahara as a friend and someone she can confide in as both her father and she know nothing about cooking he cooks for them and makes her Guimauve (the cafe is named after this pink sugar-cube gelatinous type dessert).

I had suspicions that all three males are actually chevaliers, not to forget to include their teacher, Kanako Tsutsutori, who looks like the doctor Julia from Blood + and Blood: The last vampire,and even acts like her. By saying subtle things to Saya the audience who is familiar with the storylines of the other adaptations  know that she is not just a teacher and that her primary interest seems to be Saya (I also think Tomofusa is an antagonist).

The series has very bloody and violent scenes and very good action sequences. Some of the scenes were un-expectingly gory (I did cringe) and were censored due to the graphic disembowelment (methinks), tearing apart, ripping apart, etcetera of the monsters Saya fights or the human bystanders that get in the way (one of the monsters reminded me of the movie Midnight Meat Train).

But there is a severe lagging in story formation which gets in the way and corrupts otherwise good flow of action and artwork — CLAMP kinda borrows its own shows’ elements and incorporates it into Blood which would be any crossover fanfiction/fanfiction writer’s dream only it does not work here (spoiler: seriously a shop that grants wishes c’mon CLAMP you are already entertaining people with that).

The most original concept in this series is the beautiful music and the enigmatic location where chains hold wind-chime-like vessels filled with blood and a hidden individual sprouts his philosophical beliefs (which can be argued with and maybe Saya might prove them all wrong).

As artist-related has stated in his comment that this series is going to be only 12 episodes long I think Blood c needs to put the pedal to the metal if it wants to still hold on to its viewers.


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