Blassreiter: Currently Watching (Whenever I Can)

Official Blassreiter DVD of Volume 1 released ...
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Blassreiter (which wikipedia has informed me is pseudo-German for “pale rider”) is a series that’s main focus is science fiction, action and Judeo-Christian elements — it is akin to Evangelion in this stream yet unlike that anime its plots are more straightforward as in it excludes high levels of psychoanalysis/psychology but does offer substance and good three dimensional characters. From the very beginning a lot is happening but not much to convolute or impede plot progression rather it accelerates those and sharpens them in time. Its laudable elements are its well orchestrated musical score (from what I have seen from now especially the second ending theme) which features both Japanese and English tracks with other languages immersed into it (this style of musical incorporation is reminiscent to what Yoko Kanno did for Escaflowne and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Series) and its beautiful, crisp animation with lovely character designs.

When I said ‘straightforward’ for storyline I did not mean less complicated — in fact it has a very unpredictable tangent too and that makes the series entertaining along the way from what I have seen so far. The anatoginist reminds me of Cain from Trinity Blood series (his appearance and attitude reflects that) and our protagonist, Joseph Jobson, is a very cool headed character not to mention the other protagonist Amanda Werner.

The story basically deals with a sort of evolutionary armageddon as humans who are infected with some weird matter that turn them into amalgams or demoniacs. Our protagonist Joseph is such an amalgam and is titled “Blue”  by the XAT team a specialized swat team that locates, eliminates and researches amalgams and Amanda is a member of that team. However, Joseph is unlike other amalgams as he is able to keep his sanity and not go berserk and hurt anyone. On the side Amanda’s foster brother, Malek, deals with the other important elements of the show which focuses on xenophobia and ostracization as he is bullied constantly in school for being an outsider. The show does highlight xenophobia in both the macro and micro levels in my opinion (with Joseph being a target for XAT and Malek in school for the bullies). Obviously there are other factions at work to do dirty business including the mysterious doctor Beatrice who appears in the scene to do covert damage.

Overall, the series is going good.


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