Closure —- The End Of “Kuroshitsuji”?

Before I begin this post I must apologize for the lack of pictures —- my computer has crashed so the visual- fantastic of reviewing will be absent until I edit.

Kuroshitsuji II has ended.

The series was short.

Disappointingly —- only 12 Episodes.

Potential it had but messed up ALOT of stuff!

I enjoyed it

It’s conclusion bittersweet?

HECK NO (no pun intended hehe ^_^)

I guess as most know from other sites Kuroshitsuji  II ended quite UNFAIRLY for the demon-in-a-black-suit Sebastian Michaelis who is destined to wear that butler’s suit until he dies now —- kinda like Karen’s red shoes but the catch he ain’t dancing to tunes he likes.

We find out that Hannah was the demon who was contracted by Luca and that she had grown loving of the two human brothers but as she was a demon she could only help them via contract medium. We find out that Hannah cutting out Jim’s eye was because she wanted Jim to be resurrected and that Claude not play around with his soul.

Claude had wanted to devour Ciel (which is highly illustrated in whacky homoerotic gestures done by Claude post-killing of Alois) and thus had put on Jim’s ring on Ciel that contained Jim’s soul to confuse him and turn him against Sebastian. In this state, Ciel is made to believe it was Sebastian who had murdered his parents and orders him away. Ciel goes to Trancy manor and becomes Head there for a while. It is there Hannah starts putting her own plan into motion.

Here are some highlights nearing the finale:

  • We had seen Sebastian being quite close to Ciel in the earlier EP of this season —homoerotic gestures run abound when Claude is Ciel’s butler with Sebastian even breaking off trees to sustain his jealousy.
  • Claude who is so deadpan becomes so animated when he comes in contact with Ciel in the Trancy mansion —- yes homoerotica runs abound.
  • Jim takes control of Ciel’s body thanks to Hannah and guess what the fused bodies of Ciel and Jim make a new contract with her (signified by erratic flashes of the contract emblems of both Ciel and Jim’s contracts in Ciel’s contract eye then turns to a beautiful green contract insignia of Hannah’s that resembles a rose like flower with thorns). But at a point before Ciel remembers that Sebastian had fulfilled his contract and even commands Sebastian to come and devour his soul (he later on comments he was curious to see what happens when a demon does go to devour a soul).
  • Claude and Sebastian fight for Ciel sword using Hannah’s demon sword, Leviathan (which resides inside her body).
  • Sebastian kills Claude —- it is implied in Kuroshitsuji Wiki that Claude acknowledges Jim at the end thus reciprocating in a way Jim’s love for him (he says his mantra but leaves ambiguous whose butler he is at the end part so I’m not sure what he said but he does state that in the end Jim was special after all). Sebastian speaks stating that Claude had underestimated Jim and that the young boy with Hannah was probably playing him all this time.
  • Hannah willingly dies along with Claude too —- she climbs down to where his dead body is and lies down next to him and locks hands with him and presses her head romantically to his chest/neck (kinda necrophillic O.O).
  • After Hannah finally dies we can hear the voices of Jim and Luca happily reunited (I think Hannah didn’t exactly consume Jim’s soul but then again she might have)  and that Hannah and Claude is with them too —- they are elated that they never have to be alone ever again —- in the end the two demons and the boys become a family (eerily Hannah a maternal type figure and Claude a paternal one though I think it’s not simply that as Jim loves Claude more than a dad figure).
  • Jim got upset that Claude and Sebastian were fighting over Ciel’s soul —- because this made him more like a pawn and made him seem useless when all he wanted was to be loved. He wants both Sebastian and Claude to know what it feels like not to get what one truly yearns for with all of one’s being.
  • Thus Ciel is reborn as a demon.

  • Sebastian will be his eternal butler because the last order under the contract (which still flashes in Ciel’s demon eye) was him to return being his butler.

  • Ciel abandons Phantomhive manor —-sends gifts in the form of a funeral card signifying his human death to his loved ones and friends —- and he and Sebastian ride away to a dark place as they no longer can live normally in the human world.
  • Ciel feels liberated from his curse but Sebastian has been given an eternal curse now.
  • Sebastian is melancholic beyond anything but Ciel states with a arrogant eye that he only wants Sebastian to say one response from now on —- thus as they jump into the unknown the series concludes with Sebastian speaking it’s most famous tagline:

” Yes, My Lord”


Well, that surely was interesting. Though I was initially severely disappointed at the conclusion I must say Thanks To Allah Almighty I got a new perspective as well:

If this is the Faust legend then what happens when the demon gets trapped in his own contract game?

True, that’s a great dimension to the demon elements in the story. However, I could not stand Sebastian’s misery and gloat and be at all satisfied!

I think Ciel was still acting like a cocky brat and Sebastian’s feeling of despair and sorrow was well understood by me. The demon is not Mephistopheles of the original who manipulates his human “master” to the highest order.

Also, Unlike Dr. Faustus who did the most idiotic and foolish things with his powers, Ciel exercized them with expertise and was able to gain his revenge. Sebastian had to manipulate situations later on because it was needed to fulfill contract requirements.

I felt Sebastian was cheated —- yes, quite ironic considering he is a blasphemous demon (or is he lol) but truthfully unlike Claude (who operates more as Mephistopheles by the way) Sebastian’s end seems quite unfair. The guy was always a faithful demon in the anime series   —- yes, I didn’t want him to devour Ciel’s soul either because Ciel has suffered too much but Sebastian endures this? A lot of hell for the poor guy.

In the end of the first TV series Ciel was the one looking helpless and sad and Sebastian was in control. Now the roles are reversed and I LOVE THAT just not the fact that Sebastian has to suffer more —- it feels his penalty is more. Also, in the end of the first TV series Sebastian was as compassionate as Hannah even telling Ciel he will try his best to make the devouring less painful until Ciel wants him to make it very painful so that the pain of his life will be reflected. Whereas Sebastian offers warmth and condolences Ciel acts like a selfish brat putting salt on Sebastian’s wounds of becoming an eternal butler.

I am happy that Ciel became a demon and abandoned his human life as it really has never offerred him anything after he had returned with Sebastian instead of misery, loneliness and struggles of the worst kind resulting in Ciel becoming cynical, depressed and more stern than he needed to be with others. Thus rightfully said:

” It feels a curse has been lifted off of me.”

All the other servants are upset at his departure and when asked what they shall do after he is gone he even laughs and tells them to burn the mansion. Tanaka is shown with the family journal —- it seems what he wrote in the last TV series’s conclusion of the Phantomhive’s lineage coming to an end may need no rewrites after all. Maylene, Finny and Bard go to him for consolation as their lives now will obviously have to take a new turn.

Speaking of new turns I wonder what will happen to Elizabeth as Ciel has his last dance with her as a demon but does not tell her anything (knowing her she would cry a deluge). However, after she does know what will happen to her? I do feel sympathetic for this young girl because she has lived uptill now knowing she is Ciel’s fiancée and always trying to bond with him. I believe Ciel thinks she is strong enough to get on with life (Kuroshitsuji Wiki reveals that her Mom in the manga is kick ass and that she is one of the humans who never is dazzled by Sebastian and calls him rude. In fact she is one of the only humans who can intimidate Sebastian). But in the end Ciel calls her sweetly bu\y the name she prefers “Lizzie.”

Well injustice to Hannah’s character includes:

  • She is over-sexualized more than needs to be (I mean Ran-Mao does the sexy-thing better)
  • She becomes a one-dimensional bimbo though when Luca contracts with her she is a powerful demon.
  • She hosts Leviathan in her body but cries “hentai tears” when Claude tries to get it? Talk about weakness that makes no damn sense!
  • She willingly becomes a maid and binds herself with servitude to Claude who finds it interesting that Hannah was so fascinated with the two brothers —- though Hannah was intelligent to use this position to exploit Claude for all he was damn worth I just felt it could’ve done with more flare.
  • Hannah acts as a masochistic weirdo at times which is not part of her nature (did those guys forget that that was Ash and Angela’s job?)
  • When Jim is making a new contact Hannah’s eyes flash red and she even states if she should kill Claude and Sebastian —- she states it with ease sans any hesitation. This proves that Hannah is a very powerful demon (I mean duh she got Leviathan in her body and the triplets were her subordinates) but she has been horribly MARGINALIZED.

This brings me to the list to the injustice down by the series and subsequent pitfalls:

  • Hannah, Jim aka Alois Trancy and Claude become caricatures just to further plot for Ciel and Sebastian when they got potential to do more.
  • The Triplets remain lackluster dolls! More stuff could be done with them.
  • Jim is killed off in EP 8 when we just get to know him — yeah, good empathetic strategy but BAD really in the sense that he can DO MORE than just die.
  • The series is a power-packed-punch of enigma and suspense which is its WOW factor but then it cuts through its anti-climatic frenzy too suddenly —- yup, distasteful.
  • Now the series is over they are going to release OVAs of Ciel, Sebastian and CO. as Alice in Wonderland characters and other unrelated tales which is interesting, however, I WANNA ALSO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO CIEL AND SEBASTIAN IN ACTUAL PLOT REAL TIME (someone in Yahoo answers stated that the anime will return with a modern day premise but the site really gives scanty info but if that’s true than it’s cool!)

Well, Sebastian and Ciel has jumped off to the unknown leaving us stranded on the cliff unable to follow at the moment two demons bound to eternity to each other. Sebastian’s misery haunts me and Ciel’s new destiny pokes my spine.

When will we see the return of the duo? When we will see the new premise of

” Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler”


9 thoughts on “Closure —- The End Of “Kuroshitsuji”?

  1. I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only unsatisfied person after watching this season (made my sister and friends suffer with me, haha), but you noted many of the same reasons why I am unhappy. Thanks for sharing my pain!

    1. Well, true —- I was disappointed with the series Amanda and Thank Allah Almighty you feel the same.

      What started off as an explosion of poignant enigma and potential possibilities become more of a sexualized draft of something that could have been DONE EXTREMELY BETTER.

      Let’s hope that the new series is better ^_^

  2. I actually felt sorry for both Sebastian and Ciel to be honest. Sebastian, well for obvious reasons. But for Ciel, I think he would have been more happy if he was devoured by Sebastian to be honest. I mean he has to leave everyone who loved him and live eternally with someone who will NEVER love him back. And I think he has a lot of pride that he wouldn’t want to break his promise with Sebastian and also what will he live for? Maybe it’s better explained in the manga but he lives for revenge, waiting for the people to come after him. So what will he do now that he has his revenge is completed? Also in the anime he states that he lives in darkness and anger, so does he have to live in that kind of world forever?

    So I’m not so sure anymore… I guess I have to wait for the manga.

    1. True there that Ciel has to abandon everything but it was a no-win situation even if he stayed. I think it is a blessing for him. Though he is with Sebastian who might not love him the demon has a certain respect and affection for the lad — if he stayed as head of phantomhive estate and lineage it’ll spell difficult for him anyway. That is because the family serves as bodyguards to a very dark royal family.

      Also, Ciel had stated that he felt his curse was lifted: this means that he has gladly embraced the life of a demon due to the fact that nothing was left for him back in his human life. Though he loved Elizabeth as his family and friend it was impossible for him to go back to her completely as he had undergone so much trauma and she was too innocent to realize that he had gone through much.

      I guess as a demon Ciel will live a life unbound by his past fears and can finally let go of everything that tormented him up till now.

      It might be in the future series that Ciel becomes a butler or something and seals a contract with a human — he being a demon now ^_^

      1. I just watched and finished both seasons for the first time and I’m so toiled. Hopefully your still around to give me some speculative input.

        How exactly do you believe Hannah turned ciel into a demon? Was sacrificing herself necessary to accomplish this?

        Also, can a demon break a contract? I know that a human can replace a contract as in Aloise and Hannah’s deal.
        If not, that would mean they are forever sworn to each other unable to create a new contract with a human; unless of course Ciel orders Sebastian to allow himself to be killed.

        So much overthinking >< help me lol

      2. Those are prudent questions. I think I did not ask this question completely. I remember in the end Ciel was stabbed by Sebastian from stop himself from becoming a demon. I think humans can metamorphise into demons in their universe. Though it is unclear how that is possible. It could be because Ciel was already ferried to the world of the dead. Ciel’s memory being polluted and erased by Claude made Sebastian feel he had to well you know go through some things again to well you know make Ciel remember so he can devour his soul. Ciel was only curious to know what would happen. I think I don’t like this blatant disregard of Ciel towards his life as well it just shows he is being selfish and irresponsible to himself and his loved ones. I think Claude is not a proper demon in that he lost interest in Alois I am a bit surprised that he did break his contract with Alois and was well nothing happened. I didn’t question this. I mean I didn’t know if it was possible myself as once a demon is contract bound you have to see that they are well contract bound. I think I was caught up in feeling what can happen next and was dumb enough not to ask this question :/ Yup that is why Sebastian looked so depressed at the end it seems now that he is sworn to be Ciel’s butler. However, 2nd TV series is considered non-canon ( which is a bit of a shame as I liked some of the aspects of it a lot). I mean they already are following the manga now so it might be that they will disregard this 2nd TV series completely. They already adapted “Book of Circus” and “Book of Murder” which are manga-canon thus now anime-canon. I think you should definitely see those two series too.

      3. So Sebastian will end up being a demon butler’s demon butler? I feel sorry for poor Bassy though 😀

  3. I felt the same way
    I’m satisfied that Claude and Sebastian never got to eat Ciel’s soul and happy Ciel turns into a demon. (I think it fits him, he was miserable as a human)
    But… Ciel was poking fun at the servants, and especially to poor Sebastian about what had happened.
    He is stuck as a butler forever! That just makes me mad and sad for Sebastian. He worked to hard and look what he gets in return

    I liked the idea and rather have him atleast admiring Ciel for how he is, being satisfied and grateful towards Ciel for being able to eat his soul. Just like how Hannah felt for Jim and Luca. Instead we have a good possibility Sebastian will resent and hate Ciel.

    I can’t wait till season 3. All I hope for is that the bound between Ciel and Sebastian is resolved. Not only that but with more of a storyline and development of characters unlike season 2.

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