Kuroshitsuji II, Monoshitsuji (White Butler), Overall until now

I had seen Kuroshitsuji last year. As I briefly wrote about it before I had stated that it was a great anime and that I recommend anyone to watch it due to its great entertainment values but also its dark, cryptic, human elements in the story.

Kuroshitsuji was also compact in the sense that it had arcs in the beginning which was focused upon (as in subplots) with two or three or more episodes focusing upon it. Even towards the end situations weighted on this.

Despite this compact strategy the end was ambiguous and can be called anticlimactic.

Kuroshitsuji’s second TV series began last month and is airing every Friday. It is subtitled as Monoshitsuji which means “White Butler” though (as I read now in Kuroshitsuji Wiki) this is not the official name, the official name is Kuroshitsuji II. The Monoshitsuji phrase refers to the fact that this series is refers to lighter elements than the first series (but if you ask me with pedophilia and sexual kinks I think this series is as dark as the first).


The promotional media of this anime had shown that two new protagonists have been introduced and were said to replace Ciel and Sebastian. They were Alois Trancy and the new demon butler, Claude Faustus. This got a lot of fans irate and depressed. I was semi-crestfallen too but because of others who said that the series will deal with Sebastian’s past I kept up my hopes up and I did want to watch the series. I had a feeling that Sebastian and Ciel were too important to let go easily and given the nature of the ambiguous conclusion of the first series I felt that something might come along.

To my surprise (Thank Allah Almighty) Sebastian and Ciel did come back in the very first episode of the second series.

However, the atmosphere of ambiguity and enigma was now more ferociously charged.

Let me give an overview of the First Episode:

Episode I: The young boy who is Alois gets up naked from a bed next to an old man and wants things to disappear, a spider, who is shown to be a demon forms the demon contract on his tongue. Alois Trancy is the young head of the Trancy household, a noble household as the Phantomhive household, and akin to Ciel he is an orphan. Alois wakes up (similar to the first episode of the first TV series) and Claude dresses him – midway he unbuttons all the buttons in his shirt and asks Claude if he is angry at him doing this. Claude looks irked for a moment but responds that he is not angry – he finishes with Alois and says that he has much work to do. Alois is unlike Ciel as he is psychologically disturbed and expresses it (though Ciel is psychologically scarred and disturbed as well he refrains from being sadistic or expressive of it) and during breakfast gauges out his maid, Hannah’s, eye for merely staring at him (she was bound to as he suddenly screamed out of the blue scaring her).

Claude announces that Arnold Trancy, Alois Trancy’s Uncle, is coming with a priest to verify if he really is the Trancy heir concerning his abduction by “fairies” – this scares Alois as he has changed all of Trancy’s previous decorations (his father had died) and this will cause suspicion to his legitimacy. Claude says he will take care of the situation and using tap-dancing changes the decor back to its former red and gold format.

Viscount Druitt (a comic character from the first series) seems to be related to Alois Trancy as Alois’s father was his uncle and joins Arnold and the priest at having dinner in the Trancy estate.

Alois mournfully retells his story that he was kidnapped after his birth and that his father searched for him and finally found him in a town where everyone mysteriously had died during the night including the young boy he considered as his brother. He did not know why he was brought there but that he was worked like a slave there until his father found him. He goes and hugs Arnold Trancy but whispers to him not to be so close because his mouth stinks.

After winning the sympathy card of the priest and Druitt Alois throws property papers from atop the roof to Arnold and laughs as he attempts to catch them,, forcing his coachman to help. Alois laughs and wants Claude to mock Arnold too by laughing at him but Claude merely stares at him with a statuesque face (his normal monochromatic face).

Suddenly, a stranger comes in requesting to stay for the night (his face is hidden with his large trench-coat). Alois allows him to stay and asks Claude to serve him food. Claude serves him food and Alois compliments Claude’s fineness at being a butler to which the cloaked man states that Claude must not take his job seriously as there is a small drop of sauce at the side of the plate. Claude apologizes to him and takes the plate away but tells the stranger that he has good observation.

Later on the stranger in his guest room and Hannah appears attempting to change jugs of water. He asks her what happened to her eye to which she refuses to give the real answer. Alois comes and hits Hannah for “attempting to get sympathy from the stranger” in the process breaking one of the jugs and telling her to leave. He explains he is cruel to her because she doesn’t know what she is thinking but then decides it’s hard to know what anyone is thinking.

He gets curious to see what the traveller has in his trunk but the stranger stuns him by stating that he knows a secret about the Trancy manor and will show it to him. Alois gets excited and takes the stranget to the cellar. In the cellar there is a tea box called “New Moon Drop” – the stranger explains to Alois that it’s a special type of tea leaf gotten on the night of the new moon.

Soon Claude attacks the stranger who he seems to know and is unmasked as none other than Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian dodges Claude’s attacks but gets slightly hit when he tries to protect the trunk heightening Claude’s curiositires about it – out from the trunk pops out the lifeless body of Ciel Phantomhive.

Alois gets excited Ciel and seems to know him and decides to get him but Sebastian takes the trunk away stating he will not let a low grade person as Alois touch him. Claude gives chase to Sebastian but it is ended when the grand chandelier of the hall is made to crash by Sebastian. Alois screams, falls to the floor, and is shown to be scared of the dark. The triplet servants and Hannah come with Claude with candles and Alois orders them to catch Sebastian. Only Claude is stopped by Alois  who says he doesn’t want Claude to leave. Claude initially hesitates as they have to catch Sebastian but sees Alois’s state of anxiety and decides to stay. Alois is hurt by Sebastian’s comments that he is a low grade person but Claude tells him to take no heed and crouches down to Alois’s fallen form and says that he wants to devour him fully (as in soul-wise).

The last shot is of Sebastian somewhere with a lot of vegetation (forest-like) and takes out Ciel’s body and the Phantomhive ring from the tea box. He puts the ring on Ciel’s body which seems to have Ciel’s soul in it thus it is implied that Ciel’s life is restored and he has awaken once more.

Episodes 2, 3 and 4 does not have Alois Trancy in them but Episode 3 has a cameo of Claude while in Episode 4 at the end Claude appears to mock Sebastian and make some arrangements with him.

The new series is more enigmatic because by Episode 3 we realize that Ciel had forgotten major details of his past concerning the Angela/Ash incident of the first series, the death of Madame Red and the fact he meant Grell before.

The second series does not possess an arc system it seems – there is an underlying interconnectivity between all the Episodes to some extents. Though the first series also possessed an interconnectivity this series’s does not give you some basic plot information about an “arc” as there is none, before we proceed to the episodes rather Episode 2 and 3 are ambiguous and superficially have no connection to the main plot.

Now, I am enjoying the second series. It has progressed to Episode 9 but some major events have occurred. In Episode 7 Ciel stabs Alois in the stomach and in Episode 8 Alois is even killed by his butler Claude! This was a shock-factor to me thus really pivoted my interests because it was unexpected.

Here are the highs and lows of the series so far:


  • There is too much fanservice of Hannah in this series which I am not enjoying. Unlike Ran-Mao who with Lau is  iconic as the female sexy factor of the first series (Sebastian is obviously the iconic as the male sexy factor) and so is Madame Red and Agni. Hannah’s so-called sexy scenes are quite out-there rather than classically put. There are shounen-ai moments between Sebastian and Claude, Alois and Ciel even Claude and Alois and even Ciel with Sebastian but those do not really have this random off-the-key factor except one scene between Sebastian and Claude which irked some fans.
  • The series is rumoured and told in the Kuroshitsuji Wiki to be only 12 or 13 episodes (or as I seen now 13 episodes in the first arc). This is quite a ridiculous factor as the complex machinery of the second series seems incomplete and hurried in such a small number of episodes to the first TV series 24 Episodes line-up. The second series has created new characters and is mo9re enigmatic in nature thus it seems left incomplete if not progressed a bit more. Also,vignettes of the new characters have not been properly done so it will be quite choppy to just let these newcomers hang.


  • As a sequel the series prospers in creating new  dynamics in demon methodology and behaviours. Also contracts between demons and their personalities is a bit more explored including the fact that each have a different agenda (they all consume souls but to get the soul they do different things).
  • The series is a bit more dark, sexually and psychologically. The first series shed light on fanaticism and culthood and the second also exposes poverty, cruelty and pedophilia. Alois is psychotic but his tragedies are quite hard and make him an empathetic character.
  • Demons, like Macbeth’s witches, do manipulate truths and situations and as Doctor Faustus being always sold short by Mephistopheles Alois is done the same by Claude. Claude is also the first demon we see who kills his master for the reason that his master’s soul did not fit the platter.
  • It is nice to see a contrast to Ciel and Sebastian in the lines of Claude and Alois.
  • The Triplets and Hannah are shown in Episode 7 and 8 to be demons and they are somehow under the command of Claude. This hierarchy of demons have not been shown before. Ironically, the Triplets and Hannah (as told in Wikipedia) do fear Alois a bit and do listen to his commands as his household servants but how Alois had got them is a mystery.
  • This is the first time where a human in the series desires vengeance against a demon for a loss.
  • The plot has created a tension between Sebastian and Ciel which is outstanding as this was completely absent in the first series.

There are more positives in this series so I must get down to some character biographies and thoughts:

Alois Trancy real name Jim McCain: Alois is actually Jim McCain as shown in Episode 8 of the series. The young boy he talked about in Episode 1 was his actual brother, Luca. Luca and Jim were abandoned by the village people who did not care for them as they were/became orphans. From the beginning, Jim had to do things like stealing with his brother to survive. They are shown to steal from an old man whose wife was pleading them not to. Luca, being the younger brother, takes some concern for the young man, when he takes out a bottle with medicine in it believing that they should not stolen from the old man. Jim notices a bruise on Luca’s forehead and Luca states a villager had thrown something at him. Jim breaks the bottle and then mentions that he hates the villagers because they mistreat them and  he intends to get rid of all the villagers, wishing they all would just disappear. Luca embraces Jim from behind and believes he can make the villagers disappear. Jim tells Luca to stay with him for protection to which Luca bends down on one knee and states: “Yes, your Highness.”

At night when they go to get water they notice a dead body floating in the river. They see the village burning. They go and see all the villagers dead. Jim bursts out with ecstatic happiness and laughs at a maniac at his desires becoming realized. Luca joins him in the frenzy but as Jim falls down happily lying on the ground he is shown with a concerned face for his brother. Jim decides that they should the valuables of the villagers. While stealing Jim gets this uncomfortable feeling from the darkness beyond as though something is watching him thus calls out to Luca that they should leave. But Luca does not respond. Jim runs out to see where he is and finds him lying on his back. He picks him asking him what’s the matter only to see his lifeless eyes with tears still glistening from them. Jim realizes that Luca is dead and screams in anguish that he does not wish to be alone.

Years later, when Jim is older, he is brought with a bunch of boys to the Trancy household where the head is a pedophile. The old man initially rejects Jim thinking his eyes look filthy. Jim and the other boys are kept in cages like animals in what appears to be the basement. They are bathed like animals as well with the maids brushing them like brooms. Jim hears one of the boy talk to another about envoking a fairy that can grant wishes. The boy is not interested but Jim asks what he has to do.

In what appears to be ritualistic dream sequence – where Jim presses his face against a spider’s web wet with morning dew and tells some verses (which Jim always keep on uttering to command his demon butler) – Jim calls out Claude who comes in the form as surreal spider. Jim is stuck in his giant spider’s web where there are other dead bodies and is hesitant – he does not know what wish to make – so Claude seems to not make any contracts with him and tell him to come back when he has a wish. When asked if he is a fairy Claude responds he is a demon. After which Jim wakes up in the basement with the other boys.

Trancy’s head is distressed as his boys are dying one by one and though he tells them to even boil water if need be his butlers tell him that it is too late – however, they will prepare Jim for him to which the pedophile utters disgust as he remembers Jim as the filthy boy who he rejected.

The Jim who enters his bath is not the same – he wears a beautiful crimson kimono and has sex appeal. Jim wins the trust of the old man and is soon visited by Claude dressed in uniform as though a soldier. Claude tells Jim that it was Sebastian who had destroyed the village and killed Luca as per the orders of his former master. But the former master is already devoured and his new master is Ciel Phantomhive, who he has become unusually attached to. Jim is enraged and decides to take revenge by getting Ciel Phantomhive – it is implied then that Trancy is killed off by Claude, who becomes his butler and Jim becomes Alois Trancy.

When asked by Claude why he decided to get Ciel Phantomhive when it is Sebastian who destroyed the village and killed Luca Jim states that he will take away Ciel as Sebastian has become attached to him thus giving him an agony worst than death. To this Claude smiles (which he rarely does) and comments on his delight at Jim’s plan.

That is the history of Alois Trancy – back in the modern stage Alois throws a costume party as a means to catch Ciel. He lures Ciel out of the mansion (through which when Ciel runs through the cellar remembers the events of the first episode which was not known to him but then) dressed as a girl in Hannah’s maid uniform (he makes her strip in front of Claude and himself to get the uniform). Outside the triplets and Claude are waiting and Alois tells Ciel that he must give himself nor else he will kill the guests which also comprises of Ciel’s friends. Ciel, who has Sebastian by his side, refuses believing that his friends can take care of themselves.

Sebastian and the triplets and Claude fight while Hannah, meanwhile, inside the Trancy manor uses a device to start control the guests but Sebastian quickly solves the problem. Ciel believes that the Trancy family is involved in the demise of the Phantomhive family thus acknowledges Alois Trancy as his nemesis.

Alois invites Ciel again to a private ball (which Viscount Druitt comically appears thinking it was the costume party but then stays) a Dance Makabre where Sebastian will fight against the Trancy household servants. While their fighting ensues Ciel tells Alois to take him inside where Ciel challenges them to a sword duel. Alois is beating Ciel and even throws him off of the second storey of the room and gets on top of Ciel with his sword. He says that Sebastian will not be allowed to devour Ciel’s soul because he will tear it to pieces and feel it to the spiders in his manor (Trancy’s crest is the spider).  Ciel mocks Alois saying that the spiders can try if they want their legs bitten off (as he is the hound of the Queen). Alois mocks Ciel’s confidence and raises his sword.

The Two butlers stop their battle (they hear the clashing of swords) and come upon a shocking scene. Ciel had stopped with his hand the blade that was raised on top of his head, bloodied hand, but has stabbed Alois in the stomach. Alois screams in pain and asks Claude to help him to which both butlers seem to move toward their masters but Ciel’s shout stops them as he says to Sebastian not to interfere to which Sebastian smirks and complies and Claude is stunned at all that is happening. Ciel states he will now kill Alois for his actions against him and his family. But Alois surprises Ciel when he goes and grabs his leg and crying tells him that they are the same and that he is not his nemesis. He surprises Ciel by saying that to not get manipulated by the demons around him. Ciel finds it hard to believe that he is the same as Alois and goes to strike him but he is stopped by Claude. Ciel tells Claude to let him go but of course CXlaude does not comply and Ciel slaps him with his bloodied hand as Sebastian takes Ciel in his arms.

Claude just tastes Ciel’s blood and becomes intoxicated – so much so that he becomes ignorant at Alois bleeding (even when Sebastian is leaving he has to call his name twice to get his attention) Alois keeps on repeating the verses (the once he used to call him in the beginning) but Claude has become covetous of Ciel’s blood and keeps licking his fingers until Alois vomiting out blood and gets his attention back. Alois states that he looks like he has seen maggots in a pile of dung and loses consciousness.

In Episode 8 Alois is naked in bed and obviously in great pain as his stomach is bandaged.  Hannah comes to change it but Alois instead tries to strangulate her with the bandages and asks for Claude. Claude comes and tells Hannah to leave so that he may take care of Alois’s wounds. Alois seems uncomfortable with the way Claude acted earlier and Claude makes him more uncomfortable by looking at the scar that Ciel has made and commenting that the wound given is so pure. Alois (asks out of desperation it seems) that if the scent of blood is making him hungry and yearn to devour him. Claude replies in the affirmative with a smile that disturbs Alois so after Claude leaves Alois states it’s disgusting (this is a contrast to the first episode where Alois sees Claude walk away indifferently after asking him if he was angry that he unbuttoned the buttons and starts laughing in a odd manner).

Hannah is cleaning when suddenly Alois, dressed and up, comes to her and falls upon her (raising her dress a bit in an erotic fashion). Tears are falling from his eyes and they pour out to Hannah’s as though she is crying as well. He demands she take him to Ciel. In another room Claude seems to be working when the Triplets come in a serial and in which consequently whisper something in his ear. Claude smiles and folds what looks like a property paper expertly into a ring around his finger and smiles as though something desired is going to happen.

Hannah is driving Alois in a carriage. Inside Alois reminiscences about his past. Suddenly, their carriage is attacked by Grell who has come for Alois’s soul (he refers to the bleeding Alois that something strange is occurring to his soul). As their carriage Hannah rips off the upper covering and soon Alois commands her to attack Grell which she does by bombarding herself upon the remnants on the carriage and destroying it. Thus Grell and Hannah fight.

Alois lying on the ground, bleeding, crawls towards a tree and unfortunately his blood attracts a wolf. As he crawls he remembers throwing things at Claude because he was staring at him or slapping him because he was too obedient and telling him to stop saying “Yes, your highness.” but then urging it to say it over and over again when Claude leaves the room (outside the room even a suitable distance Claude hears his whispering request and does say it) as Luca once did. He states that he wants Claude to look at him – not as the villagers did with disgust or the old man did with disgusting desires – but with a yearning for him and him alone like he once did.

Claude comes and kills the wolf and states that why Alois is doing such reckless behaviour when they have yet to capture Ciel. Alois surprises Claude by telling him not to leave and that he is his most important person. Claude tells him to stop speaking such nonsense. Claude is further surprised when Jim grabs his foot and states that he is his Highness. It is now clear that Jim’s most important person.

Claude crouches down and wipes away Jim’s tears and it seems he is going to reciprocate Jim’s feelings thus Jim smiles out of happiness.

Instead he crushes (as stated in Kuroshitsuji Wiki) or puts his hand inside the back of Jim’s head killing him!

He states that a soul that can give love to a menial butler cannot stir his appetite. So, he tells his master not to worry as he puts his ring into his pocket, the Trancy ring which now has Jim’s soul (bloodying his suit in the process), because he will always be by his side. Grell comes and (as stated in the Kuroshitsuji Wiki) does not interfere with Claude as he is interested in what Claude will do next.

Thus Jim McCain, Alois Trancy, is killed by the person he had grown to love the most.

Later on, Hannah, who have survived being impaled by Grell’s chainsaw scythe, comes and sits in top of Jim’s body (whose blood has spread out and resembles a rose) and cuts at his eye and presses her face affectionately against him and tells him she’s giving him what he desires (this either implies revenge for her eye or giving him the love he wanted).

Jim wears a contrasting purple to Ciel’s blue wardrobe. He is symbolized in lighter colours like gold, red and white than Ciel’s black, blue and violets which are gothic colours. Ciel however is more stable and sane than Jim as shown in their actions. Jim is more psychologically disturbed than Ciel and therefore does violent acts and expresses sadistic gestures. Jim also is a good actor able to cry or be cheerful to fool people.

Jim is also oversexuallized due to his tragic history – he gets excited over seemingly sexual or private things (like Druitt wishing to go to the restroom amuses me) and even hints that he wants to have sex with Ciel (this is implied when Alois smirks before the duel and says to Ciel that they aren’t going to the bathroom together).

It is stated in the Kuroshitsuji Wiki that he has misogynistic tendencies which is exhibited in his rough behaviour towards Hannah. I speculate that this because he was treated as a sexual toy and felt being treated as a whore thus as most wicked men covet women openly in such ways he sees himself in beautiful women thus hates them (when he expresses he doesn’t know what Hannah is thinking may even show that he feels Hannah’s self reflects his – a beautiful person easily an object of people’s lusts). Also, it can be stated that he thinks Hannah is a rival to him to get Claude’s affections.

Jim is a tragic character and I cried if I recall when he was cruelly killed by Claude.

In The Kuroshitsuji Wiki it is stated that the love confessed is not clear as in is it platonic love or romantic love but I speculate it is a bit of both. Jim did everything to please Claude even gauging out Hannah’s eye thinking it will please him as in punishing her for not acting properly. Also when Claude crouches down he states “for a butler to go this far” and Jim smiles happily and for a moment I swear I thought they would kiss thus this implies that Jim may have been eager for a kiss as well from Claude.

Regarding Jim’s sexuality I think he is bisexual though more comfortable with men than women seeing that his nascent sexual experiences was with an old bastard (his body was abused physically, sexually and emotionally) but it could also be that he doesn’t understand woman well. Also, he wanted Claude to say “Yes, your Highness” which his brother uttered and this means that he wants a brother figure in his close one –  a person who will protect him and he too will protect. Thus he may look for a man as his love initially so he had chosen Claude someone who emulated the qualities he wanted. So beautiful women like Hannah may seem like rivals to him even cute girls like Elizabeth, Ciel’s fiancee, who he dances with at the costume party despite her protests and keeps her away from Ciel.

Claude had mentioned that both he “deep blue” and Ciel “midnight blue” have much in common regarding their lives:

  • Both had their loved ones killed by a supernatural entity
  • Both have been disgraced (Ciel by the cult who treated him like an animal branding him as such and Jim treated as an animal to only serve the sexual needs of a pedophile).
  • Both do have tendencies of a bodily fear (In Wikipedia it is stated that Ciel hates people touching him easily as he was moved around like an animal and Jim hates people staring at him thus even gauges out Hannah’s eye as it reminds him of being treated in a filthy way).
  • Both want vengeance for the cruelties done to them.

Jim is character whose fate is unknown as of yet. His soul has been preserved in his red ring but what happens next is uncertain.

Claude Faustus: A direct contrast to Sebastian – he is stoic, more robotic and indifferent. He can be even considered more calculative and nefarious than Sebastian. Unlike Sebastian who freely shows emotion and is more attached to Ciel (though The Kuroshitsuji Wiki states that he does things for Ciel to suit his own needs and acts only superficially devoted I think Sebastian in this second series and even at the end of the first shows a soft spot for Ciel) whereas as Wikipedia has rightfully mentioned, Claude treats Alois as no more than a soul he wishes to “cultivate” (As Wikipedia puts it) and devour. He also mentions that Jim’s soul is a covetable type amongst demons thus wants to devour it at all costs.

It is shown that Claude had disrupted Sebastian’s devouring of Ciel’s soul because he (in the form of the crow) had stolen it by Jim’s request. As Sebastian cannot devour Ciel’s soul while it is incomplete he comes back to satisfy/complete the soul of Ciel by performing revenge again. Claude and he make a deal by dripping each others’ blood onto a rose each (which becomes black) that Ciel will be allowed to think the Trancy household is his enemy and execute his revenge on them and that Claude will only come after Ciel when that is complete.

However, this contract has gone haywire. After tasting Ciel’s blood and realizing that despite knowing death, torture and pain Ciel’s soul is pure he desires to eat it it seems. He seems to have rejected Jim’s soul to devour  when Jim confesses his love  and puts his soul in the red ring (though he might still want to eat it).

He then tells Hannah and the Triplets with odd dancing gestures that he desires to turn “deep blue to midnight blue” meaning he desires to mesh their memories together. In Episode 9 he does just that by hypnotizing Ciel and mixing Jim’s and his similar memories together making Ciel think that Sebastian is the one who killed his parents.

He even makes Ciel use his contract bond to tell Sebastian to get away from his sight. He is shown earlier in the episode weaving and embroidery something akin to a small table cloth but it resembled a spider’s web and he wraps Ciel around it and takes him back to the Trancy estate where he makes him the new master and even decides to call him Bocchan “Young master” as Sebastian used to call Ciel and has in the time it seems replaced Sebastian with himself.

Of course Sebastian is shown somewhere glowering black and with pure red eyes – this may signify that a battle has begun between him and Claude.

Has Claude broken the contract? Or is killing two birds with one stone – but even that scenario has two possibilities:

  • Claude said he will only get Ciel after Sebastian had completed his revenge for Ciel – by mixing the souls Ciel gets revenge and Jim gets Ciel to some extent enabling him to eat Jim’s soul – though he has stated that he no longer seemed to want to eat Jim’s soul.
  • By combing souls Ciel gets to finish his contracted revenge and then he gets to eat both souls. {Edit, new thought: If you think about it the two souls mixed together like a dish may seem better to eat – MASHALLAH – I just realized this now}

Claude does control Hannah and the Triplets who are revealed to be demons as himself.

He is also like Macbeth’s witches never telling the whole truth as he does not tell Jim who Sebastian’s master was who attacked his village but later it is revealed during Ciel’s hypnosis that it was Luca himself thus Sebastian killing Luca was per contract agreement.

It seems Claude has machinations that are yet to be unveiled.

I am loving the second series as it is quite unpredictable to many extents and it keeps me guessing as in what is going to happen next. Unlike the first series’s structure which had basics that allowed to at times have a idea of what the characters are up against here it is really more enigmatic and uncertain.

The most shocking scene is when Claude killed Jim. I had never suspected a demon under contract to be able to do that though Sebastian has stated indirectly in Episode 9 that demons can work a bit independently I guess.

Really, this series is SUPERB and aside the hot, sexy, intelligent, charismatic and debonair Sebastian Michaelis’s return the plot makes it all the allure much better!

{Pictures taken by myself from online episodes provided by AnimeNext.com}


4 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji II, Monoshitsuji (White Butler), Overall until now

  1. I always ignored kuroshitsuji, mainly because of main characters (sebastian and ciel are not my type), but when season 2 was announced with claude and alois, gosh, they’re automatically become my otp. Overall I love season 2 as it feature the 2 new chars.

    I also love alois, like sympathize and all. Claude killing alois is no surprise to me, he’s a demon after all, just like any other, they take life. Even though he has no desire to eat his soul, at least he kept jim’s soul with him to fulfill jim’s desire to be with him. For a demon, that’s kindness for me.

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