Sakura Vs. Sakura

I seriously do not, completely, like the Sakura of “Tsubasa Chronicles”. Though I loved her slender design, her outfit, her more detailed hairstyle – I would still like to chose the original Sakura with her design minusing the personality without any doubt.

The problem: The Sakura of “Tsubasa Chronicles” basically doesn’t do ANYTHING. I get that this is ClAMP’s Shounen Manga but seriously her passivity is annoying. The younger Sakura was sweet and kind but attempted to do things This Sakura is burdensome and silly. Also, I loved the original couple’s chemistry – here Syaron also loves someone who is so silly that his sense and sensibility can be questioned.

As Sakura holds so much power I would love to have seen her grow Bezerk and do damage but that NEVER happens. Though I love “Tsubasa Chronicles” for its haunting and cryptic music that resemble Escaflowne’s Gregorian chants. Also I love the fact that the show is a merged universes concept.

However, I COULD NOT LOVE THIS SAKURA. Too Pinky and cutesy and Useless. Give Me 10 year old CardCaptor Sakura an yday.


2 thoughts on “Sakura Vs. Sakura

  1. I totally understand what you mean. I can’t even bear to finish the Tsubasa Chronicles anime properly since I found it annoying how Sakura always falls asleep or faints.:|

    1. Sakura not only sucks she SUCKS BIG TIME! Also Syaron becomes unrealistically and stereotypically strong and not even tries to gain anything but gains it. I seriously do not like shounen shows like this (a good exception would be “Full Metal Alchemist” where Ed grows and attains his talents not just all of a sudden.) I mean in CCS Sakura was not good beforehand she became good and this was an extremely realistic approach. In fantasy too much lack of realism ruins the flow of the story; this is what happened in “Tsubasa Chronicles.” And I’m glad someone else can see this too!

      Also Sakura is just plain boring in TC but in CCS she was more energetic and curious – growing boys and girls are usually equipped like this. Sakura looks more like a dead-weight and to be honest even before she lost her feathers she was too silly – though I liked her in the first EP ’cause she showed some spunk. I can understand as she is a princess with an overprotective brother that she might be frail but given the circumstances/situations I would have thought she would develop more but NO. She remains plain BORING.

      Though I love her clothes and her more mature design (graphics have become more smooth and Sakura does look extremely beautiful) I’d like to merge that with CCS Sakura’s personality! ^_^

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